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Guidelines of our institute in the COVID-19 Pandemic times – An update as on 8th July 2020

Adopted and prepared on the basis of the evolving recommendations by WHO, CDC, OSHA, AAE, IACDE,DCI and MOHFWI

We at AMC Dental College and Hospital never closed doors ever since the onset of the pandemic COVID-19 and have been taking utmost precautions to deliver both emergency and deemed necessary procedures to dental patients coming from all over.

Patients coming at the institute:

  • Basic questioning at the front door security area and appropriate allotment of the parking slots for two wheelers and four wheelers.
  • Restricting the relatives for entry to in hospital premises unless patients are disabled, old, minors or debilitated.
  • Mandatory assisted hand washing in two specially installed, surgical grade, externally draining wash basins just outside the hospital entrance.
  • Temperature check with infrared thermometer for every patient and relatives in special cases, along with data acquisition.
  • Security personnel at the gate reverifies an appropriate face covering, hand hygiene and sanitization procedures.
  • Lines at case counters maintained with appropriate distancing and patients sent to the Oral diagnosis department.
  • Chairs in the central waiting area spaced at least six feet apart
  • Accompanying relatives and/or friends asked to wait in the waiting area unless deemed mandatory to accompany further.
  • Patients required to wear masks all the time and remove them only during examination or procedure
  • Installation of glass shield as physical barrier at reception desk to limit close contact between personnel and patients.
  • Patients referred to respective departments are guided by the security staff and no more than 4 persons allowed in the elevator.

Individual Department Protocols

  • Daily temperature check of departmental staff.
  • Appropriate social distancing at departmental waiting areas
  • One patient entry at a time protocol maintained.
  • Using the recommended PPE including N95 masks, face shield, hair protective caps and gowns for all the in-department OPD procedures.
  • Verbal communication minimized and patient guided to the specifically allotted well ventilated diagnostic chair.
  • Steripacks of diagnostic sets of instruments removed from UV chambers and examining the patient only after pre evaluation povidone iodine based gargles.
  • Evaluation of the patient for emergency treatment protocol based on history and clinical examination, or otherwise explained appropriately and prescribed medication if inevitable
  • Replacing reusables with disposables.
  • Increased frequency of disinfection of frequently touched surfaces, door handles, bathrooms, front desks, etc.
  • Deep cleansing and fumigation of all the departments at the end of OPD hours on daily basis.

In the Departmental Operatories:

  • Windows are frequently opened to allow fresh air to circulate.
  • Pre-operative OPG and CBCT scans for most cases to preventthe use of in treatment IOPAs & RVGs specially for certain endodontic procedures
  • Pre procedural Hydrogen peroxide oral rinse prior to procedure to reduce the level of microorganisms in aerosols during dental procedures
  • Use of Highvolume suctions and Rubber dam mandatory for as much number of procedures as possible.
  • First to adopt LAN operated Teledentistry protocols for direct transmission and easy visualization of Radiographic images of patients directly on any of the departmental computers from the Oral radiology department.

We aspire to serve the ones in need,

                                                           We desire to preserve the smiles indeed.

Authors :

Dr. Akshayraj Langaliya (Senior Lecturer, Dept of Conservative Dentistry)

Dr.Dolly Patel (Professor and Dean, AMC Dental College)