Ethics Committee

Sr. No. Name of Member Qualification Role/Designation In Ethic Committee
1. Dr. Asha N. Shah MD (Medicine) Chairman
2. Dr. Ramita Sood MDS (Oral and Maxi. Surgery) Member Secretary
3. Dr. Dolly Patel MDS (Orthodontics) Clinician
4. Dr. Bela Dave MDS (Periodontia) Clinician
5. Dr. Darshana Shah MDS (Prosthodontics) Clinician
6. Dr. Supriya Malhotra MD. DNB (Pharmacology) Basic Medical Scientist
7. Dr. Kinnari Rajpura MDS (Oral Pathology) Basic Medical Scientist
8. Mrs. Himani Shah B.Com., LLB Lay Person
9. Mr. Satyajeet Desai B.Com., LLB Legal Expert
10. Dr. Mahendra Joshi MS., LLM., MBA., Ph.D. Legal Expert
11. Dr. Priti Adani BDS Social Scientist
12. Dr. R. G. Agnihotri BDS, M.Sc.( Anatomy) Scientific Member


Ethics Committee Registration No. ECR/236/Indt/GJ/2015 dt. 12.05.2015 Issued Under Rule 122DD of the Drugs & Cosmetics Rules 1945