Cover to Cover literature club

Dentists -in-making and Literature Enthusiasts have now found a common ground at the AMC Dental College, with the launch of “Cover to Cover”, the first of its kind student-led Literature Club. It was inaugurated on March 5, 2020 during the 10th Anniversary year of the college, by Dr. Dolly Patel, the Dean herself along with Lect. Dr. Chirag Rudakia – both of whom are ardent book lovers as well. The club currently meets monthly to chart its activities like books and cinema based discussions, ice breaker rounds, fun games and book exchanges.

Read,Talk,Learn,Share! A bunch of tooth doctors gather monthly over offline as well as online symposiums where both students and faculties share their POVs. Although it started off as a book club, C2C has now taken up various other activities like cinema discussions, games and Open Mics; and is open to any and all suggestions for future activities by students and faculty alike. AMCD’s lit Club is an open space to express yourself with like minded peers!

For a peek into the recently organized Open Mic Event, head over to the following link: Cover to Cover literatures