Cover to cover literature club

Cover to cover literature club

Best ways to create bond amongst students is through a student activity club. Institute supports such initiative and provides all the help it needs to grow. Institute has a very colourful and unique student club called ‘Cover-to-cover’. It is a platform which destroys barrier between students and faculties, and they meet as equals. This helps faculty understand student trends and close generation gap. In this platform they meet, discuss ideas, books, movies, art etc. freely. This platform is extremely dynamic and open to new ideas for their events. This initiative provides an excellent networking platform thanks to its versatile crowd.

3rd January 2021

5th March 2020. Launch

13th October 2021

15th March 2020 First Meet

31st October 2020 virtual meet


Open mic 22 GEOTAG

Open Mic event 19 march 2021