MDS Program Layout

MDS Layout

  1. The minimum period of training for the MDS courseis of three years for full-time candidates in an institution including the period of examinationandmaximum time period for passing out of the MDS course is maximum of six years from the date of admission in said course.
  2. During the period, each student must take part actively in learning and teaching activities design of training, by the institution. The teaching and learning activities in each specialty, is as under:
    • LECTURES: There will be some didactic lectures in the specialty and in the allied fields. The departments shall encourage guest lectures in the required areas and integrated lectures by multi-disciplinary teams on selected topics, to strengthen the training programs.
    • JOURNAL REVIEW: The journal review meetings will be held at least once a week. All trainees, associate and staff associated with the post-graduate program are expected to participate actively and enter relevant details in the logbook. The trainee shall make presentations from the allotted journals of selected articles.
    • SEMINARS: The seminars will be held at least twice a week in each department. All trainees are expected to participate actively and enter relevant details in logbook. A model check list for the evaluation of seminar presentation is annexed at Schedule-II of these regulations.
    • SYMPOSIUM: It is recommended to hold symposium on topics covering multiple disciplines.
    • CLINICAL POSTINGS: Each trainee will work in the clinics on regular basis to acquire adequate professional skills and competency in managing various cases,
    • CLINICO- PATHOLOGICAL CONFERENCE: The clinico pathological conference will be held once a month involving the faculties of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Oral Pathology and allied clinical departments. The trainees will be encouraged to present the clinical details, radiological and histo-pathological interpretations, and participation in the discussions.
    • INTER-DEPARTMENTAL MEETINGS: To encourage integration among various specialties, there will be interdepartmental meeting chaired by the Dean with all heads of post-graduate departments at least once a month.
    • TEACHING SKILLS: All the trainees shall be encouraged to take part in undergraduate teaching programs either in the form of lectures or group discussions.
    • DENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS: Each department willorganize dental education programs on regular basis involving other institutions. The trainees will also be encouraged to attend such programs conducted outside their university or institute.
    • CONFERENCES/ WORKSHOPS/ ADVANCED COURSES: The trainees will be encouraged to attend conference/workshops/advanced courses and also to present at least two scientific papers and two posters at State / national level specialty and allied conferences / conventions during the training period.
    • ROTATION AND POSTING IN OTHER DEPARTMENTS: To bring in more integration among the specialties and allied fields, each department shall workout a program to rotate the trainees in related disciplines.
    • DISSERTATION / THESIS: The trainees must prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the guide.
  3. All the students of the specialty departments must complete the minimum quota for the teaching and learning activities:
Sr No Name of Activity Minimum Quota
1 Journal Clubs 5 in a year
2 Seminars 5 in a year
3 Clinical Case Presentations 4 in a year 7
4 Lectures taken for undergraduates 1 in a year

Scientific Paper / Poster Presentations

In State/National Level Conferences/workshop

4 papers/posters during three years of training period
6 Clinico Pathological Conferences 2 presentations during three years of training period
7 Scientific Publications (optional) 1 publication in any indexed scientific journal
8 Submission of Synopsis 1 synopsis within 6 months from the date of commencement of the course
9 Submission of Dissertation 1 dissertation within 6 months before appearing for the university examination
10 Submission of Library Dissertation 1 dissertation within 18 months from the date of commencement of the course