Third B.D.S SEMESTER : 02 Sep to 31 December

Temporary Time Table During Covid Pandemic Time
From To From To From To From To From To From To From To From To
02/Sep 15/Sep 16/Sep 29/Sep 30/Sep 13/Oct 14/Oct 27/Oct 28/Oct 18/Nov 19/Nov 02/Dec 03/Dec 16/Dec 17/Dec 31/Dec
A OD(A1) OS(A1) Prostho Cons(A1) Pedo(A1) Perio(A1) PHD(A1)
OS(A2) OD(A2) Pedo(A2) Cons(A2) PHD(A2) Perio(A2)
B Perio(B1) PHD(B1) OD(B1) OS(B1) Prostho Cons(B1) Pedo(B1)
PHD(B2) Perio(B2) OS(B2) OD(B2) Pedo(B2) Cons(B2)
C Cons(C1) Pedo(C1) Perio(C1) PHD(C1) OD(C1) OS(C1) Prostho
Pedo(C2) Cons(C2) PHD(C2) Perio(C2) OS(C2) OS(C2)
D Prostho Cons(D1) Pedo(D1) Perio(D1) PHD(D1) OD(D1) OS(D1)
Pedo(D2) Cons(D2) PHD(D2) Perio(D2) OS(D2) OS(D2)