Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics at AMC Dental College & Hospital proudly owns the blend of student-friendly environment and patient-welfare approach that enables us to compete with some of the best in the service and ultimately makes us on top in our field amongst all the facilities in the state of Gujarat. Ours is a well-structured and efficiently managed workplace where, starting right from the waiting area till the completion of the treatment procedure is a hassle-free experience for the patients as well as for the working personnel. The department is a well-ventilated spacious area with ambient lighting conditions.

There are distinct academic and clinical sections in the department keeping in mind the necessities and convenience of patients, faculty members and students, both under-graduates & post-graduates.

Treatment Modalities:

Department boasts of daily OPD of 200+ patients on regular basis on routine working days comprising of wide-array of complaints from patients needing treatments ranging from simple conservative approach like restorative procedures up to complex endodontic procedures like root canal treatments and rehabilitative procedures like metal and ceramic crowns all under one roof.

Specialized treatment modalities like apicoectomy, instrument retrieval under magnification with dental operating microscope (OPMI Pico, Carl Zeiss, Germany).Dental aesthetics being an integral part of conservative dentistry, we have marked an aesthetic area. Here, patients requiring aesthetic corrections are registered separately and treated.

We have a separate laboratory area for casting and processing of indirect restorations like inlay, onlay, full coverage crown (FCC).