Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry is that specialized branch of dentistry, which deals with prevention of oral diseases and promotion of oral health care to the masses, so as to improve the total dental and oral health of the community as a whole. The Department of Public Health Dentistry, AMC Dental College and Hospital is working incessantly to sensitize masses and students towards dental health.

The goal is achieved through following Departmental activities:

  1. To conduct free oral health check up and educational camps for all with focus on underprivileged ones.
  2. Collaborated with different UHC and CHC to provide free dental check up on regular basis.
  3. Adopted 2 villages named Vanch and Dhamtvan, providing free oral health education, free dental check-up for identification of risk factor and early diagnosis of dental diseases at regular intervals.
  4. Providing preventive treatment procedures like topical fluoride application.
  5. Providing anti tobacco counseling through specially designed IEC materials on daily basis by running Tobacco Cessation Centre.
  6. Conducting research activity for improvement of oral health.