Oral Medicine and Radiology

Annual footfall of approx. 100,000 new patients in OMDR dept. gives ample of opportunity to the learner to become an excellent oral physician/diagnostician.

Screening and registration of all potentially malignant disorders (PMDs) and squamous cell carcinoma cases for NOCR (National Oral Cancer Registry) and TCC (Tobacco Cessation Center) are routine along with early intervention and management of PMDs.

IDA main branch awarded an academic excellence award 2018 for NOCR (National Oral Cancer Registry) to Oral Medicine and Radiology Department and recognized our college as a member institute of the NOCR.

Diagnosis and management of special cases like developmental anomalies, viral and fungal infections, mucocutaneous lesions, orofacial pain, neuralgias, benign cystic lesions –tumors-fibrosseous lesions as well as oral manifestations of systemic diseases and syndromes are carried out in the department.

Radiology dept is operational with 3 IOPA machines, one of which is having digital sensor (RVG – CMOS sensor) that is connected with LAN (Local Area Network). Apart from this there are various extra oral radiograph machines that includes a digital OPG-Ceph unit, which is also connected to LAN from which we share and transfer the digital diagnostic data and needful to the other departments in no time. For the emergencies in Oral Surgery Ward there is one conventional Extra oral mobile radiography unit available. For Specialized Diagnostic needs like 3D Imaging, Volumetric Imaging, etc., department is equipped with a CBCT machine with a large FOV that can cover full Skull.