Department of Periodontology is one of the specialty department of AMC dental college and hospital which diagnose and treat variety of periodontal disease and guide the patient for the maintenance and prevention of the tissues that support the gums and teeth.

Gum disease is a gum infection in which there is bleeding, pus discharge from the gums, swelling of gums and bad breath because of periodontal diseases. The cause of the disease is mainly local factors like plaque and calculus that accumulates around the tooth surfaces. Various types of research suggest that this disease if not treated in time can sometimes be detrimental to survival of teeth as well as the physical health too. So at the end we try to achieve the goal. “Healthier the Smile, Happier the Life”

Clinical department introduction:

This speciality department started in July 2011 utilizes various modern equipments like Laser, Electrocautery, Magnifying Loupe, Light cure unit, Centrifuge machine, Implant kits and Ultrasonic scalers for treatment of various periodontal problems.

➢ Different types of treatment according to the need for such diseases

  • Scaling
  • Periodontal flap surgery
  • Periodontal regenerative surgery for hard and soft tissues (Bone graft material along with soft tissue grafting and PRF, PRP, Growth factors etc)
  • Mucogingival surgery such as frenectomy, frenotomy, Crown lengthening, Vestibular extension etc.
  • De-pigmentation
  • Different types of periodontal treatment by laser surgery.
  • Implant surgery

➢ As ‘Prevention is better than cure’ this section provides information on proper maintenance of oral hygiene after diagnosis as well as after all types of periodontal treatment.