Open Mic Event 2021

Details for Open mic:

We began our journey, a year back, from dusty lecture halls to the beautiful gardens, we’ve come a long way. From our first book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, picked by our prestigious dean ma’am to the first ever, Open Mic.

The event was an unprecedented affair, where faculty AND students from all years showcased their talent openly.

A myriad of Poetry, Stories, Motivational Speeches and Spoken word on topics ranging from Love, mental health, body shaming, importance of consent, and much more, ended with a Stand Up Performance.

Two best performances were awarded based on Content, Confidence/voice, and Hold over audience, by the judges,
respected Dean Dolly Patel ma’am along with Dr Ramita ma’am and Dr Akaansha ma’am.

Ending on a grateful note, where we want to thank Chirag sir, for being a constant support and always guiding the club members to make each meet better than the previous.
Also the implementers Harvi, Mahima, Kinshuka, Krishna and everyone who is a part of this family.